Face Mask 5 - Pack

1 order = 1 Pack of 5 masks

Starting on April 15, LA County has put in law wearing masks when shopping or doing essential business in public. Businesses must refuse entry to anyone without a mask or look into high fines.

Our face masks are comfortable, lightweight, washable every day masks. The masks have a easy to wear stretch that makes breathing just as easy as protection.

Every mask kit comes with 5 masks in a washable fabric pouch. Rotate masks every day for a clean sanitized mask and at the end of your 5 days, put the used masks into the fabric pouch included and toss it in your hot water wash. There's less waste, easy disinfecting & the option of wearing a clean mask everyday with out having to reuse the same mask over & over further contracting more germs.

$15 for a pack of 5 masks and washing bag. 1st Class Shipping $2.00

  • $15.00